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Herb Roasted Rack of Lamb: Easter

rack of lamb

Lamb and Italians Herb roasted rack of lamb is the center part of our Easter meal.  Traditionally, our Northern Italian family will have lamb and ravioli.  In Italian culture lamb is a symbol of deep religious roots. Lambs are featured in many works of art during the Renaissance period, and today, remain the symbol of …

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Home-Made Ravioli

finished ravioli's

Home-made ravioli is a very special to make and share for the people you love. An obvious Italian dish, most Italian families gather ’round a table anytime of year and enjoy a nice bowl of ravioli made by their mama’s. Ravioli are a Italian tradition, dating back to original recipes found from the 13th century. …

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Italian Pizzelle Cookie

This Italian Pizzelle cookie in Switzerland is called by many names such as the Bretzeli, Brätzeli, Brezel, Brätzel, Bratzel The Pizzelle cookie is a definite Italian cultural symbol. It’s said that these cookies were first mentioned in historic archives from the 8th Century. Historically, families used their own family crests for the designs on the …

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