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Christmas Dinner 2018

Christmas Dinner Plate

The Christmas Dinner meal is always different for us. It’s more or less our free day of deciding which great meal we all want. No traditions here. This year, I decided the theme would be local. All the items on this plate were from the region. Beginning with the centerpiece for the meal was a …

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Italian Pizzelle Cookie

This Italian Pizzelle cookie in Switzerland is called by many names such as the Bretzeli, Brätzeli, Brezel, Brätzel, Bratzel The Pizzelle cookie is a definite Italian cultural symbol. It’s said that these cookies were first mentioned in historic archives from the 8th Century. Historically, families used their own family crests for the designs on the …

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Easter Cookies

easter cookies

Easter cookies are as good of an idea as Christmas cookies.  My daughter decided she wanted to make some for her friends before the last day of school, before the holiday.  She whipped up a batch of dough and began.  At her speed, a few hours later, she was done.  I helped her out with …

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