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A Turkey With Friends: 2017

Since we had two Thanksgiving celebration’s this year, I had 2 different menu options.  I’m not sure why so much fear has been instilled in us upon cooking a turkey, but I think it’s important for anyone facing Thanksgiving meal prep, that cooking a turkey is one of the easiest things to do in the …

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Thanksgiving Day Menu

We ordered & picked up our fresh bird from an all organic farm(Wendelinhof) in the neighboring town which raises turkeys. Now our meal was ready to begin.  An American tradition, dating back to the first celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621, which was attended by the two most important breeds in the new world-the demure, white European …

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Potato-Flour Dinner Rolls

Source:  Family Recipe   Potato Flour Bread Rolls The idea came from the fact that I have a 10# bag of potato flour sitting in my cellar, and to tell you the truth, the weather is cold and wintry outside, and I wanted to bake!  So, looked up our family recipe for dinner rolls, made …

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