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Swiss Raclette Dinner

Raclette season begins usually when the temperatures in Switzerland begin to drop. The first frost, the first snow encourage the thought of a nice warm Raclette meal fills your head. Raclette is a most wonderful dish.  It originated in both the French region of Switzerland and in the high altitudes of the French Alps. This …

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Savory Bacon-Gruyère Bread

Savory Bacon Gruyère Bread Print Recipe Savory Bacon-Gryere Bread The word savory is clearly defined as something baked, which is full of flavor and delicious.  A savory treat is usually a good accompaniment to a tea,  coffee, a brunch, or a meal somewhere in between.  Well, I think we’ve met our savory winner.  This  bread …

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Lemon Cake/Zitronenkuchen

Summer Lemon Cake   Print Recipe Summer Lemon Cake I pulled this recipe from a local Swiss cookbook, which means the origin is Swiss.  France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland,  the countries that border one another, and too, share the love of lemons.  Swiss often put lemon zest in their cookies, the French love to bake, …

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