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Homemade Brown Sugar

I’ve been wondering lately what it might take to make my own homemade brown sugar. Possible, impossible? I wasn’t sure yet. As a result of diligent research however, I realized the irony. Making your own brown sugar is in a way setting your sugar free. Essentially, your bringing the sugar “back home”, back to it’s …

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The Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds

biscotti, finished after second bake

I was feeling a bit creative today when I decided to make a modern version of the Biscotti. Would adding chia seeds change my vintage recipe all that much? It was time to add a bit of power and modernization to something great, I thought. Hence, the birth of the all new “Power Biscotti” with …

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Source:  Nonna (my grandmother) 1980’s Biscotti have been a family tradition for over four generations. My mom has been making these hard, Italian cookies for as long as I’ve been around. Now, I”m making my own. Historically, the biscotti was made and designed for the Roman Legions. They were a main staple of theirs upon …

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