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Homemade Brown Sugar

I’ve been wondering lately what it might take to make my own brown sugar. Possible, impossible? I wasn’t sure yet. As a result of diligent research however, I realized the irony. Making your own brown sugar is in a way setting your sugar free. Essentially, your bringing the sugar “back home”, back to it’s golden-brown …

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The Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds

biscotti, finished after second bake

I was feeling a bit creative today when I decided to make a modern version of the Biscotti. Would adding chia seeds change my vintage recipe all that much? It was time to add a bit of power and modernization to something great, I thought. Hence, the birth of the all new “Power Biscotti” with …

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Source:  Nonna (my grandmother) 1980’s Print Recipe Biscotti My mom has been making these hard, Italian cookies for as long as I’ve been around. Over the years, I have been able to enjoy biscotti cookies from my nonna, my aunties, and other Italian friends. One great biscotti memory was from a wonderful old Italian friend …

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