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Swiss Bread: Aargauer Brot

The Aargauer bread is our next post.  It was not an easy bread to find however.  We searched all the neighboring bakeries in the Argau region with no avail.  This bread was no where to be found!  Upon special request from the local baker, he said he could make us the bread, no problem.  It …

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Samichlaus Bread

sami chlaus bread Switzerland, like many other European countries have a rich standing tradition with breads. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be reflective of a certain holiday or season. Easter Bread, August 1 bread, Three King’s Bread, and for Christmas you have the Grittibaenz (bread men or figures), and the Samichlausbrot, …

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Swiss Bread: Luzerner Brot

This is the famous lucerne bread or Luzerner Weggen.  This bread has a distinctive look, the only one in fact out of the ‘Swiss” breads that have this characteristic-the slit.  The slit is formed down the long side of the bread, I think to give the user the option of splitting it in half to …

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