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Fondue Bread

Source: Foobey  It is November and temperatures are cooling down here in Switzerland, and the winter Fondue season is upon us.  The only traditional accompaniment with Fondue is bread.  Therefor, the discovery of this bread recipe was a complete revelation to me, and I hope this recipe will hold the same value for you.  Typically …

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Swiss Bread: Solothurner Brot

Solothurn is a Kanton in Switzerland which is quite understated but in principle, is loaded with class, culture and history.  It was home to the French King’s ambassador from the 16th Century through the 18th Century. What came from that was the French culture, and influence.  Solothurn is full of Baroque architecture found in city …

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Swiss Bread: Berner Brot

The Berner Bread is as lovely as the Mid-Evil city of Bern.  A brief history:  Bern is the countries capital, and it’s where the parliament building is.  It is perched on the River Aare, and has a beautiful view of the Bernese Alp Range.  If that wasn’t enough, Bern was home to Albert Einstein in …

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