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Latschi a la Ferdi


Source: Vintage:  Our friend’s father-“Ferdi” (Master Baker in Switzerland) cir.  1960’s Latschi a la Ferde is simply a great vintage recipe worth preserving. When one hears about their husband’s memory of this lovely baked treat, I could only insist my husband somehow get this recipe from his friend’s father. Not only did he get the …

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Braided Zopf (Easter bread)

braided bread (Zopf) also called easter bread

Source: friend; cir. 2011 The braided bread (Easter bread) recipe is known as Zopf in Switzerland. Callahan bread is what we often call it in the U.S. The way I grew up, this bread was always around on Easter, it was our Pasquale bread. Traditional with the Italian Easter values, my mom would make a …

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Obwalden Anise Birds

obwalden anis birds

Source:  Swiss Farmer’s Cookbook (cir. 1800’s) The history of this anis bird These little delights are a wonderful bit of dough formed in the shape of a bird. The Obwalden Anise Birds are a bit of history hailing from the Kanton Obwalden, in Switzerland. One of the first Kanton’s named in Switzerland, the history of …

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