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Open Face Cheese Melt with Ham and Spicy Peppers

Print Recipe Open Face Cheese and Ham Melt My husband’s family brings this simple delight to the table.  This is a simple, open faced sandwich which is cooked with the idea of using the left-over fondue cheese from the night before, or the left over cheese from Raclette.  Simply by adding a slice of ham, …

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Savory Bacon-Gruyère Bread

Savory Bacon Gruyère Bread Print Recipe Savory Bacon-Gryere Bread This is a new recipe for me, and it falls under the savory category for sure.  It was introduced to me by a lovely neighbor who comes from France.  She invited me for an afternoon visit, and she made this and served it as our little …

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Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Crown

Print Recipe Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Crown A delicious, and memorable discovery I made in our local Swiss papers.  I noticed this recipe and found it irresistible.  I set it aside, and a few moths later, put this recipe to the test.  It has a very European flare with the lemon curd and poppyseed combination, …

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