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The 3-Egg Omelette

3-egg omlette

The 3 egg omelette is an incredibly light, delicious and easy meal to prepare. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner really. This meal option can fit anywhere in the day. But I always be sure to pack it full and tight of lightly sauteed vegetables. The healthier the better for me. When you fill …

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Cheese Melt with Ham and Peppers

The open face cheese melt with ham and spicy peppers is a simple, open faced sandwich. We usually have this cheese melt the day after we’ve had a Fondue or a Raclette. However, after a delicious raclette or fondue, we seldom have left overs. If you do have extra cheese and are craving a foodie’s …

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Savory Bacon Gruyere Bread

A Savory Delight Savory Bacon Gruyere Bread, a French delight that makes the perfect snack, or brunch addition to any menu. A savory is a snack that has a salty, pungent taste, thus the opposite to sweet. You’ll usually find that a savory treat is a good accompaniment to a tea, coffee, brunch, or a …

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