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Brown Sugar

Print Recipe Brown Sugar Brown sugar is a product that you don’t find too often here in Europe.  I’m not sure exactly why it’s more widely used in American baking recipes more so than here in Europe, but it’s factual that few, if any European baking recipes call for brown sugar.  I began to wonder …

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Tiramisu V2

Print Recipe Tiramisu V2 This is the ‘new and improved’ version of my original Tiramisu post.  The difference between both recipes is a bit in the procedure and the addition of eggs.  I can’t tell you the difference using raw eggs in the ‘zabione’ mixture makes.  I chose not to cook the eggs, because I …

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Edible Unicorns

Edible Unicorn’s:  source:  Emma-crazy-for-unicorns:  cir. 2018 Print Recipe Unicorn Cakes Well, what better dessert to present to a unicorn lover than these little sweeties.  If you have unicorn lover in the family, this dessert will be sure to please.  By using a simple unicorn cup-cake form, this recipe is easy to follow, and the little …

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