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Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Crown

Print Recipe Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Crown Lemon Curd Poppy Crown…yes, a long name, but what a wonderfully  delicious, and memorable discovery I made in our local Swiss papers.  I seem to notice great recipes and put them aside, for just the right time.  Well, the time finally arrived a few months after the fact …

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Clara’s Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake (Nigella’s cake)

Clara’s cake=my birthday cake! 2018 Print Recipe Birthday Cake! My 16 year old daughter was inspired to bake me a lovely cake for my birthday.  The walnut cake is a  Nigella cake-but not just any cake, it’s a cake that she made every year for her sister’s birthday.  It was a bit labor intensive, but …

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Schnecken (snails) or Nut Rolls

Source:  Switzerland Cookbook; cir.  a long time! Print Recipe Schnecken or Nut Rolls This is such a great little make.  I found it in a Swiss cookbook, hence the name which loosely means  snail.  No imagination needed to see why they named it after a schneckli.   The story on these delicious nut rolls was …

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