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Brown Sugar

Print Recipe Brown Sugar Brown sugar is a product that you don’t find too often here in Europe.  I’m not sure exactly why it’s more widely used in American baking recipes more so than here in Europe, but it’s factual that few, if any European baking recipes call for brown sugar.  I began to wonder …

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The Pizzelle Cookie

Print Recipe Pizzelle’s The Pizzelle cookie is a definite Italian cultural symbol.  It’s said that these cookies were first mentioned in historic archives from the 8th Century and that historically, families used their own family crests for the designs on the cookie irons.  They are said to have originated from the Abruzzo region, and are …

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A New Take on Something Old

My original biscotti recipe, a recipe passed down in my family now 4 generations,  is a recipe which didn’t require tweaking, however, I was feeling a bit creative today.  I decided to make a modern version of the Biscotti simply by adding Chia seeds.  In my mind, I was making the ‘Power Biscotti”.   The Chia …

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