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Nonni’s Twists (cookies)

Nonni Clara:  Cir. 1950’s Nonni’s Twists Yes, these are as proper and delicious as they look!  Doesn’t the picture of these little twists look like proper ladies with their legs crossed?  I so remember these cookies from my childhood.  My Nonni was a northern Italian living in a quaint, neat cottage in Anaheim, California.  Her …

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Fall’s Best Persimmon Cookie

Source:  Me: cir. 2017 Fall’s Best Persimmon Cookie Hachiya is the variety you want to work with.  Not a bitter note to be found in this beauty.  The persimmon is an interesting fruit.  It’s a powerhouse, loaded with nutrition, and high up on the vitamin C scale.  The Latin word for it translates as “food …

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Clara’s Caramel Chip Cookies

Source: Adapted from Betty Crocker cookbook. cir. 2012 Clara’s Caramel Chip Cookies This recipe makes it to heritage because after all it is a family recipe, even if it is a fresh new one. My daughter had a hankering for chocolate chip cookies. Living in Europe is definitely another continent when it comes to chocolate …

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