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Italian Butter Ball Cookies

Source: Noni Clara cir. 1970’s These Italian butter ball cookies have been in my family since forever. To prove this fact, when I bake a batch of these delicious delights, and my kids try them, the first thing they say is, “These remind me of Noni”. This is the power of food, and the memories …

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Homemade Brown Sugar

I’ve been wondering lately what it might take to make my own brown sugar. Possible, impossible? I wasn’t sure yet. As a result of diligent research however, I realized the irony. Making your own brown sugar is in a way setting your sugar free. Essentially, your bringing the sugar “back home”, back to it’s golden-brown …

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Italian Pizzelle Cookie

This Italian Pizzelle cookie in Switzerland is called by many names such as the Bretzeli, Brätzeli, Brezel, Brätzel, Bratzel The Pizzelle cookie is a definite Italian cultural symbol. It’s said that these cookies were first mentioned in historic archives from the 8th Century. Historically, families used their own family crests for the designs on the …

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