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Edible Unicorns

Edible Unicorn’s:  source:  Emma-crazy-for-unicorns:  cir. 2018 Unicorn Cakes Well, what better dessert to present to a unicorn lover than these little sweeties.  If you have unicorn lover in the family, this dessert will be sure to please.  By using a simple unicorn cup-cake form, this recipe is easy to follow, and the little unicorn is …

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Cacao-Beet Cake (Red Devil Cake)

Cacao-Beet Cake:  source; Julia (our farmer’s wife); cir. 2000 Cacao-Beet Cake (Red Devil Cake) It was a total shock to me when I learned almost 18 years ago, that I could use beets in a cake recipe.  Our organic farmer has a CSA (community sponsored agriculture) program where he does a weekly ‘box’ delivery to …

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Clara’s Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake (Nigella’s cake)

Clara’s cake=my birthday cake! 2018 Birthday Cake! My 16 year old daughter was inspired to bake me a lovely cake for my birthday.  The walnut cake is a  Nigella cake-but not just any cake, it’s a cake that she made every year for her sister’s birthday.  It was a bit labor intensive, but nothing too …

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