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Persimmon & Walnut Bread

Persimmon & Walnut bread is such a delightful treat when made with a great recipe. Sadly it seems quite difficult to find the right recipe out there on the web. Much to my chagrin, the trend with persimmon bread tends to be with added raisins and dried fruit. I totally disagree. Persimmon are a lovely …

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Homemade Brown Sugar

I’ve been wondering lately what it might take to make my own homemade brown sugar. Possible, impossible? I wasn’t sure yet. As a result of diligent research however, I realized the irony. Making your own brown sugar is in a way setting your sugar free. Essentially, your bringing the sugar “back home”, back to it’s …

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Edible Unicorns

Source: Emma crazy for unicorns: 2018 What are Edible Unicorns? Well Unicorns have become extremely well popularized in the recent few years. Now, suddenly, the world loves unicorns again! Rest easy, and thank mystical land tales for that, or perhaps it’s just the perfect anecdote for this seemingly crazy world. Whichever your direction, I’ve found …

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