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The Margarita

The Legend of Juarez It’s Pancho Morales who we have to thank for the grand invention of the Margarita. As the legend goes, Pancho was an infamous bartender in Juarez, Mexico. Around the time of 1945, over the 4th of July Holiday Pancho was doing what he always did, making excellent mixed drinks at the …

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Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena fresh picked

Herbs Chapter 1: Lemon Verbena I have Spain to thank for bringing this lovely herb back to the shores of Europe, upon it’s discovery in South America in the early 1600’s.  Lemon Verbena, one of my favorite herbs grown in my un-kept herbal garden.  I’ve given pickings of this herb to various friends, and when …

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The Vodka Martini

No other drink quite compares to the mighty Vodka Martini. I had some fun finding out a few trivial pointers on this drink.   After doing a minutes worth of research, I found out that the Martini and I in fact share a bit of cultural roots.  It seems the Martini was born in my home …

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