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Rhubarb Cake

Print Recipe Rhubarb Cake Rhubarb is delicious, and has so many uses.  I received my stalks this week in my weekly, organic vegetable box.  Since my old Rhubarb plant was a “no-show” in the garden this spring, I was relying on store-bought stocks.  Knowing that I can make jelly, syrup, cookies, pies, etc…it was this …

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My Mother’s Pound Cake

Print Recipe Mamma’s Pound Cake My child memories of my mom’s cakes are rather limited.  I remember my mom making her chocolate cake, her vanilla cake, her heart cake (always on my birthday), all had the nice butter cream frostings and all were delicious.  The spring and summer months almost always called for a pound …

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The Mother of all Rhubarb

Print Recipe Double-Layer Rhubarb Pie This is my second post for Rhubarb pie.  I’m feeling more and more comfortable working with this newly appointed “Super Food”.  Rhubarb has a history, dating back to the second century, and has been found virtually all around the world.  Though it’s categorized as a vegetable since it’s a herbaceous …

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