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Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly

Source: My mother-in-law about 1990’s. Print Recipe Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly My mom and I have been making jellies and spreads for years now-with having a nice sizey organic orchard, we had the benefits of having bushels of ripe fruit at once. It was always a 2-3 hour labor intensive process, but the outcome was …

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Bourbon Honey Cake

Source:  Ina Garten’s “Cooking for Jeffrey”   Print Recipe Bourbon Honey Cake Love this cake! My sister gifted me this cookbook for one of my birthday’s. I have to say, it’s one of her best pieces of work. Nearly every recipe I have prepared has come out amazingly.  Yes, it has a lot of ingredients, …

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Fruit porridge (Bircher Müsli)

Source: Adapted from “Good Things” cookbook Print Recipe Fruit porridge (Bircher Müsli) Author’s intro to Bircher Muesli, read it, you will love the dish more! “This raw fruit porridge, more appetizingly known as Bircher muesli, makes a luxurious breakfast dish. It was invented by Dr. Bircher-Benner, pioneer of food reform, for patients at his Zurich …

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