Category: Plums

Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly

Source: My mother-in-law about 1990’s. My mom and I have been making jellies and spreads for years now-with having a nice sizey organic orchard, we had the benefits of having bushels of ripe fruit at once. It was always a 2-3 hour labor intensive process, but the outcome was always worth it and well received …

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Italian Plum Cake (Zwetschgenkuchen)

Source: Marcel; cir.1990 Print Recipe Plum Cake End of summer is the usual time for this delicious cake.  It’s made from one type of plum, known as the Italian Plum, or the Zwetschgen.  It’s a very popular German tradition to make this Zwetschgenkuchen with the crumble (streussel).  Luckily, our small farm orchard came with an …

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