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Swiss Raclette Dinner

Raclette season begins usually when the temperatures in Switzerland begin to drop. The first frost, the first snow encourage the thought of a nice warm Raclette meal fills your head. Raclette is a most wonderful dish.  It originated in both the French region of Switzerland and in the high altitudes of the French Alps. This …

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Open Face Cheese Melt with Ham and Spicy Peppers

Print Recipe Open Face Cheese and Ham Melt The open face cheese and ham melt  is a simple, open faced sandwich which is cooked with the idea of using the left-over fondue cheese from the night before, or the left over cheese from Raclette.  Simply by adding a slice of ham, prosciutto, or a topping …

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Cooking My Options

Print Recipe Veg and salad lunch. My options are slowly returning due to the fact that Spring is 3 weeks in.  We started our spring this year with warm-fast temperatures, and it seemed like everything bloomed at once.  We experienced here in the Seetal for my first time, pollen overload.  It was blowing in yellow …

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