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Roasted Pork

roast prepped

I was in luck in finding such a lovely roast of pork. I can’t tell you how long its been since I’ve made one. This was a fresh, local, happy pig who would be happy to be on my menu. The Roast How to make the perfect pork roast is almost entirely up to you. …

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Sweet and Tangy Cranberry Salad

Fine Pairings of sweet, tangy cranberry and turkey This sweet and tangy cranberry salad is a consideration on the list of great food pairings. Something similar to tortilla chips and salsa, bread and olive oil, tomatoes and basil, some things are just meant to be together. To many of us, we know the fine essences …

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Jamie’s Insanity Burger

Jamie’s Insanity Burger, a genuine recipe by Jamie Oliver, is maybe one of the most satisfying and delicious burgers I’ve ever had. I’m no stranger to burgers, and have been making them for many years. What thrilled me most about this recipe was the fresh buns, and the lettuce sauce. It makes this burger ooze …

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