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Jamie’s Insanity Burger/comfort food

Print Recipe Jamie’s Insanity Burger Duplicating a recipe by Jamie Oliver is most satisfying.  I like Jamie, my like of him is fairly recent compared to how long he’s been a top Chef, but I find his food so damn good.  His recipes are a reflection and a creation from someone who loves food, has …

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Beef Burger-Kraut Style

Beef Burgers:  Source:  the world! cir; 2000’s Print Recipe Beef Burger Burgers, as we American’s call them, have a rich history indeed, and to many this will be a surprise when they learn that America’s best loved meal was not an American discovery, but rather a German one.  As the story goes,  in the 1850’s, …

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Fresh Ground Meat

Print Recipe Fresh ground meet The birth of the first meat grinder took place in Germany around 1800.  The first grinder was obviously a hand-crank device that  lead to the inspiration and discovery of peanut paste, which later became the popular peanut butter in America (one of our greatest loves!).  The inspiration for getting my …

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