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Family Thanksgiving and its history

We’re never to old to learn, so, let’s talk about my family Thanksgiving in 2018 and the history of Thanksgiving dating back to 1607. The old cliché holiday which boasts ‘so much to be thankful for’ was once again upon our doorstep.  It was already Thanksgiving season and I was not at all prepared.  In …

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Timetable for Turkey Roasting based on weight

Stuffed bird ready for roasting

Roasting Guidelines In this post we will show you a timetable for roasting your turkey and some other basic information on how to prepare for Thanksgiving. In order to prepare a Thanksgiving meal you need to know a few things.How to calculate the size/weight of your turkey?How long to roast your turkey?At what temperature to …

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Pumpkin Chai Pie

Print Recipe Pumpkin Chai Pie: Source: William Sonoma “The Pie Cookbook” Pumpkin pie.  Some love it, while others detest it.  I’m in the previous catagory.  I love this dessert for many reasons.  First, it’s a rareity to enjoy a piece of it, and it’s usually reserved for holiday season, in particular Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It’s …

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