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Potato Leek Soup

Source:  Rochelle  ca. 1990’s Print Recipe 5 from 1 vote Potato Leek Soup There are two words to describe this soup; delicious and easy! This soup is a perfect meal for a cold rainy day and can be made in a pinch. It consists of 2 main ingredients with stock to follow and a hint …

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Ostrich Egg, Scrambled

Source:  husband Marcel 2013 A normal size chicken egg should be above 53 gr.  (24 x 53 gr = 1272 gr or almost 1.3 kg) Print Recipe Ostrich Egg, Scrambled Tasting an Ostrich egg was always something my husband wanted to do. As it turns out, we have an Ostrich farm about 10 min. from …

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Coconut Cream Pie

Heritage:  My Aunty Bruna:  About 2005 Print Recipe Coconut Cream Pie My mom and Aunty Paulie just left (March 2013) from a 3 week visit where we did lots of talking about food, meal planning, recipe sharing, and where I gained a lot of “hands on” experience! It was a joy to share, learn and …

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