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Obwalden Anis Birds (bread)

Source:  Swiss Farmers Cookbook  (circ.  1800’s) Obwalden Anis Birds (bread) As they say, the Swiss farm woman plays a great role in cuisine. Being that the men, and children traditionally come home for lunch promptly @ 12:00, the woman must make her meal complete, full of flavors and to be adored by her hungry group. …

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Rhubarb Pie Crumble

Source:  Rochelle in 2013 Rhubarb Pie Crumble I used to work at Marie Calendar’s pie shop in California when I was 16 years old. From the name, you can guess, there were over 40 pies and I tasted every one! I remember only having rhubarb once in my life, I guess it wasn’t my favorite, …

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Spaghetti a la nonni Joanne

Source:  Three generations of Nonni’s (about 1930’s) Spaghetti a la nonni Joanne My mom’s sauce is the best. I am in competition to top it nearly every time I make spaghetti. The kids comment after their first bite, “It’s not like Nonni’s”. So, you can imagine, I have some pretty big shoes to fill. This …

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