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Pumpkin Chai Pie

Source: William Sonoma “The Pie Cookbook” Pumpkin pie or even better Pumpkin Chai pie. Some love it, while others detest it. I’m in the previous category. I love this dessert for many reasons. First, it’s a rarity to enjoy a piece of it, and it’s usually reserved for holiday season. Particular Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s …

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Rhubarb Pie

The mother of all Rhubarb Pie This is my second post for Rhubarb.  I’m feeling more and more comfortable working with this newly appointed “Super Food”.  Rhubarb has a history, dating back to the second century, and has been found virtually all around the world.  Though it’s categorized as a vegetable it has been moved …

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The Crusts of Life

Crusts:  officially denoted as “the tough outer layer, a hardened layer or coating, or a deposit on layer of something soft”  followed by the listing of several synonyms that include but are not limited to:  covering, layer, coating, cover, coat, sheet, thickness, film, skin…etc.A crust indeed is the essential to every pie, creme brulee, or …

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