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Cranberry Salad

Print Recipe Cranberry Salad: Source: Mama, cir. 1980’s Cranberries are almost as important as the tradition of Turkey at the Thanksgiving Table.  How did the “bitter berry” make it to the first Thanksgiving table in 1621?  The cranberry is native to North America, and therefor, it was imbued by the local tribes who used it …

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Cheesecake 101

Print Recipe Cheesecake As a young girl, my first job was working at Marie Calander’s Pie Shop and Restaurant.  They made the most amazing, sinful cheesecake, that 30 years later, I still remember.  The trick while working at the restaurant was to purposely mis-cut the cake, thus making it un-servable to customers.  This in turn …

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A Family Thanksgiving: 2018

The old cliché holiday which boasts ‘so much to be thankful for’ was once upon at our doorstep.  It was already Thanksgiving season and I was not at all prepared.  In part, perhaps due to the fact that our son would not be with us, due to military commitment, and in other, my American family …

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