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Herb Roasted Rack of Lamb: Easter

rack of lamb

Lamb and Italians Herb roasted rack of lamb is the center part of our Easter meal.  Traditionally, our Northern Italian family will have lamb and ravioli.  In Italian culture lamb is a symbol of deep religious roots. Lambs are featured in many works of art during the Renaissance period, and today, remain the symbol of …

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Christmas Dinner 2018

Christmas Dinner Plate

The Christmas Dinner meal is always different for us. It’s more or less our free day of deciding which great meal we all want. No traditions here. This year, I decided the theme would be local. All the items on this plate were from the region. Beginning with the centerpiece for the meal was a …

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Pink Peony flowers

The Pink Peony flower, is one of the most symbolic flowers found in nature.  Native to China, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, these flowers have a strong history in ancient medicine. Today, the “Pink Peony” is known as the 12th Year-Wedding Anniversary flower.  The pink peony in particular symbolizes luck and prosperity.  In my garden, …

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