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Rhubarb Cake

Print Recipe Rhubarb Cake Rhubarb is intriguing.  It’s beautiful in color, yet bitter in taste.  It’s intimidating to many, yet proves itself to be as nice as the neighbor next door.  Is rhubarb the stand alone fruit?  Or must it be mixed with strawberry to prove it is in fact delicious.  My conclusion, is that …

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My Mother’s Pound Cake

Print Recipe Mamma’s Pound Cake The pound cake is more than likely, the most basic cake around.  Unlike more complicated cakes, this cake is very easy to make, and does not require a frosting.  That’s usually the reason why I choose to make it.  Whether it’s out of necessity or laziness, if I can spare …

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First Bloom

Lungwort is one of those amazing herbs I read about, but missed the growing season (2017).  When I read about it last year in my herbal bible, “The Earthwise Herbal” by Matthew Wood, Pulmonaria officinalis (lungwort) was said to be an original in the pulmonary health.  Found originally throughout Europe, lungwort is said to be …

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