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Fondue Bread

Source: Foobey  It is November and temperatures are cooling down here in Switzerland, and the winter Fondue season is upon us.  The only traditional accompaniment with Fondue is bread.  Therefor, the discovery of this bread recipe was a complete revelation to me, and I hope this recipe will hold the same value for you.  Typically …

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Jamie’s Insanity Burger

Print Recipe Jamie’s Insanity Burger Duplicating a recipe by Jamie Oliver is most satisfying.  I like Jamie, my like of him is fairly recent compared to how long he’s been a top Chef, but I find his food so damn good.  His recipes are a reflection and a creation from someone who loves food, has …

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Béchamel sauce (with cheese)

Print Recipe Béchamel sauce The Bechamel sauce is a french sauce consisting of 3 ingredients-milk, flour and butter.  The interesting twist though, is that it did not originate in France, but rather in Tuscany, Italy.  It was called ‘besciamella’ and had the short name of “coletta” which meant white glue-which is the spot-on vision for …

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