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Swiss Bread: Aargauer Brot

The Aargauer bread is our next post.  It was not an easy bread to find however.  We searched all the neighboring bakeries in the Argau region with no avail.  This bread was no where to be found!  Upon special request from the local baker, he said he could make us the bread, no problem.  It …

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Swiss Bread: Luzerner Brot

This is the famous lucerne bread or Luzerner Weggen.  This bread has a distinctive look, the only one in fact out of the ‘Swiss” breads that have this characteristic-the slit.  The slit is formed down the long side of the bread, I think to give the user the option of splitting it in half to …

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Swiss Bread: Basler Brot

The ‘Basler Brot’ also called “Basler Laibli” was made popular in the 1940’s, but the recipe was first found in the late 1700’s in an old  baking journal.   This bread is also one of the few Swiss breads made with  a starter-that is a special mixture of dough left out overnight to grow and enrich …

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