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Farm Feast 2018

Farm Feast 2018:  This summer, I took a little visit back to our family farm in California.  It was the height of the growing season and the produce was bursting with flavor and variety.  It struck me this visit, exactly what we in “land locked Switzerland” truly miss out on during the bountiful summer growing …

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Cacao Beet Cake (Red Devil Cake)

Source: Julia (our farmer’s wife) cir. 2000 Don’t let the name of this cake, ‘cacao beet cake’ fool you.  I know is not the most appealing name given to a moist, chocolate cake but I also find the name appealing.  Who would ever imagine beets could be used as a main ingredient to any cake, …

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Beet Salad-with Fresh Mint (Delicious!)

Source:  Myself; cir. 1997 Delicious & amazing Prepare to be impressed with this delicious version of beet salad with fresh mint. My hopes are that this recipe will turn your negative relation with beets around. Sadly, I had very little exposure to beets as a child. I think the only ones I had ever tasted …

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