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Source:  Switzerland Print Recipe Cauliflower the good way. We visited Switzerland in 2010, and were invited to some friends for dinner. This was served along with the main course. I couldn’t believe the taste of this cauliflower. My host explained that he learned this recipe from his grandmother, and that it seems this was a …

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Soba Salad

Source:  Mayumi’s Kitchen Macrobiotic Cookbook Print Recipe Soba Salad with Asian Style Dressing I love cooking like this.  Fresh veg, noodles, with a great Asian style sauce.  I love arranging it, I love eating it.  Whenever I cook like this, the yin/yang take over in me.  I must have the proper balance of crunchy and …

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Cauliflower Alfredo

Source:  my Niece, about 2010 Print Recipe Cauliflower Alfredo What an amazing alternative to the hi-caloric traditional Italian alfredo.  This recipe is not to replace that lovely white creamy sauce, but rather to fill in when needed.  It’s so fast, it’s too simple, and the taste is not a contender, but a winner!  Had my …

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