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Source:  Nonni cir. 1970’s Frittata: Perhaps you’ve gone through life without ever having one. If this is the case, let me clarify exactly what it is. Italian for ‘omlette’ Frittata is the Italian word for “omelette”. This should take all the guess work out of the name. These lovely airy savory delights are usually coupled …

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Roasted Vegetables

Source:  Rochelle. cir. 1990’s Roasted vegetables has to be one of my favorite dishes to prepare. Not only is it a major fall-back dish (something I turn to when I have no real good ideas brewing), but it’s an incredibly guilt-free way of eating. In addition to what I just said, vegetables are an absolute …

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Sauteed Fennel and Raisin

sauteed fennel and raisin

Source: Rochelle in 2010 Sauteed Fennel and Raisin is a delicious option for the family. I seem to always have fennel that accumulates from my weekly deliveries. I find that fennel is a more limited use vegetable, in that it’s harder to just thrown in where ever, unlike a carrot, or cabbage, etc. Fennel is …

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