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Sauteed Winter Greens

Source:  Mom;  cir. forever! For the love of greens Sauteed winter greens: One of my greatest memories from childhood included sauteed spinach and mushrooms. The only sauteed greens we ever had growing up, it settled well in my mind as a well deserving dish. Consequently, the mushrooms might have made this dish a top contender …

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Beet Salad-with Fresh Mint (Delicious!)

Source:  Myself; cir. 1997 Delicious & amazing Prepare to be impressed with this delicious version of beet salad with fresh mint. My hopes are that this recipe will turn your negative relation with beets around. Sadly, I had very little exposure to beets as a child. I think the only ones I had ever tasted …

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Source:  Nonni cir. 1970’s Print Recipe 5 from 1 vote Fritatta Left-overs in an italian’s kitchen quickly become a Fritatta. It’s just a fact of life that old Italian women or men who cook for their family live for the moment when they can put a fritatta together for dinner, and kill the night before’s …

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