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The Hippy Bowl

The hippy bowl is many things to many people. But in short, the hippy bowl is a healthy meal crammed full of just about anything you can find. For instance, gogi berries, sunflower seeds, sprouts, quinoa, rice, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, and on, and on, and on. I find the hippy bowl to be not …

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Pesto with Wild Spring Garlic

Wild Garlic Pesto

Source:  Switzerland; cir. Since forever! Pesto with Wild Spring Garlic Wild spring garlic pesto is a seasonal dish I look forward to making every spring. I could almost mark it on the calendar to symbolize the beginning of spring, but it’s certain in Switzerland, and perhaps in many parts of the world, when you see …

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Roasted Vegetables

Source:  Rochelle. cir. 1990’s Roasted vegetables has to be one of my favorite dishes to prepare. Not only is it a major fall-back dish (something I turn to when I have no real good ideas brewing), but it’s an incredibly guilt-free way of eating. In addition to what I just said, vegetables are an absolute …

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