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The 3-Egg Omelette

3-egg omlette

The 3 egg omelette is an incredibly light, delicious and easy meal to prepare. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner really. This meal option can fit anywhere in the day. But I always be sure to pack it full and tight of lightly sauteed vegetables. The healthier the better for me. When you fill …

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Iraqui Dolma

Source: Adapted from the Together Cookbook with Meghan Markle Dolma, is a food I was first introduced to when I was about 20 years old. What a 20 year old, Italian-American girl would know or remember from her first Dolma meal is hard to say…but this girl remembered it all, down to her first bite. …

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Zucchini Flower Pizza

Zucchini flower pizza could be the next best thing! It’s Zucchini season and end of summer.  As many zucchini’s, the end of the season can bring a lot of flowers.  As a result, many of the flowers are male, and therefor will not reproduce into a fruit.  This is the perfect flower for picking.  If …

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