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WordPress on Raspberry Pi

Is it possible to run an existing WordPress site on a raspberry Pi?  Theoretically yes since we have Apache, PHP and MySQL working under Raspbian. This goes under the term of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL or MariaSQL, PHP) As you can see above, it is possible and works quite well. Overview Install raspbian via NOOBS …

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Raspberry Pi – VNCserver

Installing a VNCserver is really easy. Therefor in order to do it you need to have either SSH already enabled or have a monitor, mouse and keyboard plugged in. See below screenshot and lets enable SSH. This way we are able to access the Raspberry Pi via command line in order to install VNCserver. After …

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Raspberry Pi with Stepper Motor

This article is all about how to turn a Stepper Motor using a Raspberry Pi with a MOTORplate Controller and some software Video: Index Hardware needed Setup Raspberry Pi2 with raspbian using Noobs Steppermotor with MOTORplate hookup Enable GPIO on Raspberry Software 1. Hardware needed There are several pieces of hardware (HW) needed to test …

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