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Pumpkin Soup

Source:  Me; cir. 2000’s Print Recipe Pumpkin, Potato Soup I can’t think of another dish more fitting for fall than the pumpkin soup.  This recipe dates back to the beginning’s of our farm when our farmer grew the best varieties of pumpkins.  This was about the time when the French pumpkins became fashionable, but not …

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Cauliflower Alfredo

Source:  my Niece, about 2010 Print Recipe Cauliflower Alfredo What an amazing alternative to the hi-caloric traditional Italian alfredo.  This recipe is not to replace that lovely white creamy sauce, but rather to fill in when needed.  It’s so fast, it’s too simple, and the taste is not a contender, but a winner!  Had my …

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Sauteed Winter Greens

Source:  Mom;  cir. forever! Print Recipe Sauteed Winter Greens & Collards This recipe was inspired from the childhood memories of my mom sautéing spinach and mushrooms. I loved this dish. I think I loved the mushrooms more than the spinach, but either way, it was usually served with a chicken dish and mashed potatoes. This …

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