Herb – Cilantro

Use the Cilantro leaf as heavy metal detox, plant can strengthen the muscle of the heart and coronary system and corrects digestion. Surprisingly to many people cilantro benefits the body and has many known healing properties. If you want the green year round, it is easy to grow in the home. Purchase organic seeds online, and grow in containers that are at least 8-10 inches deep. When it reaches 6 inches tall, it is time to harvest! As the herb quickly cycles through life, it is recommended to sow seeds every 2-3 weeks to make sure you always have a hearty supply.


Allergies, sore throat, hay fever, vomiting, bladder burning, hot skin rash, burns. Lowers blood sugar levels


Use leaves, steep in hot water, let sit 10 minutes, then drink. IT actually loses its signature strength, and health benefits when introduced to heat. It is best to add fresh chopped leaves just prior to serving in hot dishes.

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