My Day in Kanton Glarus

Hippy Bowl Inspiration comes in many forms... My day in Kanton Glarus proved to be inspirational one indeed. Glarus is ...
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Vegan Lunch

A vegan lunch can bring many possibilities to the table, as well as many considerations. For one, season. Another is ...
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My organic garden Aug 2019

My Organic Garden

corner view of what survived the hot summer My garden, August 2019 The results of my organic garden totally hinged ...
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Wine Cork Hot Plate

The harvesting of cork Before you embark on your wine cork hot plate, let's learn a bit about cork. Cork ...
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Vegan Shopping

Vegan: What does it mean to you?

founding Vegan father, Donald Watson What does vegan mean to you? Today, the idea is very neatly etched in our ...
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klm article

Fly Responsibly

"Fly Responsibly" is an amazing campaign just kicked off by KLM Airlines. I learned about this new green marketing campaign ...
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My Summer Garden

Composting, worms and some poop the sundial My summer garden, a phrase I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to ...
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Homemade Brown Sugar

Homemade Brown Sugar I've been wondering lately what it might take to make my own homemade brown sugar. Possible, impossible? ...
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Make it a French Day with some cheese and a Wiskey Sour, since vine isn't quite enough

How to Make it a “French Day”

Make is a French Day Well to answer why you need to make it a French Day, its because the ...
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Lemon Verbena fresh picked

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena fresh picked Herbs Chapter 1: Lemon Verbena Lemon Verbena dried I have Spain to thank for bringing this ...
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Fried Zucchini Flowers

Zucchini flowers Fried zucchini flowers are a staple in any Italian home. Growing up in an all Italian household brings ...
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Farm Feast 2018

Farm Feast 2018: This summer, I took a little visit back to our family farm in California. It was the ...
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The Vodka Martini

6 Liter Vodka bottle, a good attitude for optimal enjoyment No other drink quite compares to the mighty Vodka Martini ...
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The Summer Solstice

Raspberry patch The summer solstice was celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere today. For us, it symbolizes the first day of ...
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Summer garden with lettuce

A New Summer Garden

Summer garden with lettuce My Summer garden is officially on track.  It's the second week of June 2018, and I'm ...
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Pink Peony flowers

Peony flower The Pink Peony flower, is one of the most symbolic flowers found in nature. Native to China, Southern ...
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Elderberry Bouquet

Bouquet Fit for a Duchess Natural bouquet My inspiration for picking today's Elderberry Bouquet spurred from the royal wedding this ...
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Cannabis Oil

cannabis plant Cannabis is the herb of the god's. It's been around since the inception of time. It's been smoked, ...
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Birthday Meal, for a Vintage Guy

original typewriter recipe Birthday's in my house are meant to be special. We usually make it special with a special ...
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easter cookies

Easter Cookies

easter cookies Holiday cookies are not just for Christmas. As the Easter bunny is busy delivering all the chocolate eggs, ...
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Herbs on a walk

Like any other day I went walking with my dog and found not one but 3 herbs. This inspired the ...
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The Crusts of Life

Crusts: officially denoted as "the tough outer layer, a hardened layer or coating, or a deposit on layer of something ...
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Purposeless Walk Inspires Food Choice.

water brunnenthe long-haired cows in the backold, farmer houseSchongau, view from the toplovely old farm housesaint insect!Small bridgeOberschongau, clock and ...
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herb roasted potatoes

Herb Roasted Potatoes

herb roasted potatoes This is a quick update on an old idea.  Pressed for time, or wanting to get a ...
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Fresh Ground Meat

Fresh ground meat seasoned for sauce Using fresh ground meat in any recipe makes a difference beyond compare. I have ...
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Typical Swiss breakfast table

Swiss Breakfast

Typical Swiss breakfast table Start a Tradition A Swiss breakfast is something I crave. The tradition was first introduced into ...
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Best Places to Visit in California

Santa Cruz waves on the beach Best Places to Visit in California Flag of California I know, not my typical ...
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Thanksgiving Turkey 2016

After hours of roasting, she's ready! Sourcing your turkey Thanksgiving Turkey, 2016: Every Thanksgiving begins with the thought of your ...
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A Table Worth Setting

Table with persimmon and pomegranate I'm not sure how often you've told yourself,  "it's not worth setting a nice table" ...
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fresh ginger root

Fall’s Best Tea

Source: Me; cir. 2015 Fresh ginger, cinnamon & verbena tea brewed and ready for chilling (if desired) The Wonder's of ...
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Fall Garden Wrap Up

The Summer Finale It's been a long, joyous season in the garden this year. I've had an abundance of flowers ...
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Red Hot Spicy Oil

Source: Rochelle 2015 Red Hot Chilli Pepers drying on a baking sheet The love of spice Red hot spicy oil ...
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All-Clad is All-Right

In order to understand why All-Clad is All right we need to go back a few years. I knew when ...
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Bio Box surprise

Week’s Inspiration from my Bio Box

Bio Box surprise First week of November, and you expect the pickings from the veg. assortment to be slim. Instead, ...
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French Press Coffee

French press coffee The amazing history of coffee French press method or not, what took Starbucks over 25 years to ...
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Weekly Organic Delivery

summer organic vegetable deliveryfall organic vegetable deliveryspring organic vegetable delivery spring Every week I get a beautiful box of fresh ...
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Croutons, with some herbs

Home-Made Croutons

Croutons, with some herbs Croutons, loosely translated in French, means crusts. I'd imagine, these little delights were invented from the ...
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croissants and rolls

A Sunday Brunch

A Sunday Brunch croissants and rolls One of my favorite occasions to cook and gather is Sunday Brunch. There's a ...
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finished powdered sugar with an airy and light consistency

Powder Sugar (home-made)

finished powdered sugar with an airy and light consistency "Be the change that you want to see in the world" ...
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Spicy Salt

Source: Rochelle (2015) 3 Salts Spicy salt is a great addition to the appropriate dish. Of course, I use it ...
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