Cowslip – Schlüsselblümchen

first sign of spring, in the wild.

Schlüsselblümchen/Cowslip: Contains flavonoids in flowers and is astringent throughout. Extremely calming to nervous system. Sedative for spasmodic coughing, great for the skin in removing spots, blemishes and wrinkles, sun burn, freckles.
Treats: anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, migraines, vertigo, epilepsy, colds, bronchitis,

Usage: Infusion of the flower heads: take small cupful sweetened with honey, morning and night. Flowers in infusion: 5-6 parts to 100 prts. of water. Soak 1 lb. Cowslip herb in 2 qts. white wine for 48 hours. Filter and add 2 lbs.honey. Take 1 TBS 3x/day for adults, 1tsp for children.
Personal Notes: I love the sight of this flower in the country side. It grows like wildfire during the height of it’s season, and it symbolizes the first signs of Spring. You can always find it along the brooks winding through the forest.   I come home with a few little bag fulls, lay them out to dry, then store them in a sealed, labeled jar.

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