Curly Dock – Yellow Dock Root

curly dock

Curly Dock/Yellow Dock Root: The leaf is sour, and somewhat astringent. The root is additionally bitter. It’s a cleansing laxative. Root is a yellow man shaped, pointing down, that helps downward movement in digestive tract. Good for too much appetite, too much digestive energy, and too much emotional energy. Used for big-bear type people. Great in use for tongue thrush, acid reflux and stomach burning.
Treats: sore throat, mouth ulcerations, thrush, white on tongue, irritable cough, slow digestion, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, sluggish liver, gallstones, retention of urine, irregular menstrual, ringworm, fetid breath,
Usage: Root is collected after going into seed. Use in tincture. 5-30 drops, or 20-40 drops 2x’s day. In case of loose stool, use small doses.
Personal Notes: I see this plant usually growing along the edges of planted fields, or in areas which have been dedicated to nature reserves. Because it’s an herb where mostly the root is used for it’s healing properties, and best in tincture forms, it’s honestly my weakness, and we all know how we deal w/ our weaknesses…head on, right? This is really sad, I know, and with so many healing properties, especially in the more painful of illness (sore throat, mouth sores, diarrhea, etc…), I’m simply a fool not to have worked with it.

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