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Vegan Haselnuss-Schokoladen-Kuchen

This recipe for vegan hazelnut chocolate cake is a great cake to add to the recipe book. It’s not only quite easy to make, but it’s a hearty, moist cake that not only has hazelnuts in the recipe, but ground organic flax seed too. Trying to find vegan recipes for dessert is a challenging pursuit. …

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Vegan Stuffed Peppers & Aubergine

This vegan stuffed peppers and eggplant dish makes for a perfect option during the peak of summer. For one, the vegetables of peppers, Zucchini, Aubergine, tomatoes are all in the peak of summer production. I say secondly as a newly converted vegan, it makes for a wonderful option to serve up for family and friends. …

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Mein Bio-Garten

My garden, August 2019 The results of my organic garden totally hinged on a great combination of being too hot, and not being warm enough. When you have odds like that, your harvest success will be questionable. An organic garden to me is a garden set with good intentions. I’ve committed to each and every

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