Hawthorn Beeren

Lasten von leuchtend roten Weißdornbeeren
Lasten von leuchtend roten Weißdornbeeren

Kraut – Hawthorn Beeren

Back in 1859, Hawthorn was introduced as a heart tonic and is still used today. It is also beneficial to the heart by lowering unhealthy cholesterol and high blood pressure also good for your heart by improving the deposition of lipids. Hawthorn hat eine positive auf das Herz-Kreislauf beeinflussen. Es ist behauptet worden,, that use of the tonic can reduce the likely-hood of a heart attack. See the following research. It also improves angina symptoms, improves blood flow to the heart and has strengthened the myocardium. Hawthorn has also been useful in cardiac arrhythmia by opening coronary circulation, as well as lowering high blood pressure (HBP). Hawthorn has been used to improve autoimmune diseases, abnimmt rote Irritationen der Haut, fördert eine gesunde Schorf auf Wunden, verbessert eine träge Verdauung, und so viel mehr. October and November, after the first frost, is also the time to pick hawthorn berries.


Redness of skin/face, ADD bei Kindern , Schlaflosigkeit, Allergien, Erkältungen, Bronchitis, Asthma, Herz Konditionen, Hypertonie, cardiac arrhythmia’s. Rapid pulse, Verdauung, nervöser Magen, Essensallergien, Rötung unter der Nase. The berries are used to break an infected boil open. They showed great healing abilities of the boil. Lowers blood pressure, behandelt entzündliche Rheuma & Halsentzündung. Hawthorn also has a history as a herb used by herbalists to treat high blood pressure.


Beeren wurden traditionell verwendet und ein schönes Aroma besitzen, wenn sie in Branntwein hergestellt. Benutzen 20 in dem Wassertropfen der Tinktur zusammen nach dem Aufstehen und zu Bett gehen. Die Behandlung ist oder kann langfristig sein.

Hawthorn Brandy

Sort, and cut the berries on top and cut the tail. This is quite time consuming and not the end of the world if you don’t. However it will result in sediment that is hard to strain out later and will impair the clarity of your brandy. Pack the berries into a preserving jar, sprinkling a little brown sugar between layers. Once you have reached the top of the jar (leaving a little space to allow for shaking), fill with cheap brandy (supermarket own brand will do). Seal and put in a cupboard. Every few days or so give the jar a shake.

Nach 4 weeks the berries will have lost their color and the brandy turned a shade of rosé. (If you leave it longer before straining, the flavour will intensify. Jedoch, you are more likely to get a sludgy sediment occurring. If you have bright plump berries you could leave the brandy to macerate for several months, but if the berries are hard and discolored a month is sufficient.) Once strained, filter off into bottles and mature for a further three months at least. Enjoy in moderation!

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