Easter Cookies

easter cookies
easter cookies

Easter cookies are as good of an idea as Christmas cookies.  My daughter decided she wanted to make some for her friends before the last day of school, before the holiday.  She whipped up a batch of dough and began. 

At her speed, a few hours later, she was done.  I helped her out with the icing by taking individual bowls for custom color, then putting the colored icing in small zip-loc plastic bags, thus creating your own little piping bag.  Just ever so slightly cut the tip off the bottom corner of the baggie, and it makes a great deco. tool.  I’ve posted the recipe for dough and icing under https://www.teawea.com/mailaenderli/.  Feel free to view if you’d like to re-create your own Easter delights.

Icing must dry 30+ minutes before packing away.
Happy Easter, everyone

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