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Tea Wea is about whatever you or I want it to be about. The perspective is not underlined. I have a few hundred recipes, most or all are recipes from family, even some heritage stuff. I talk about different things on my mind in my «Coinkidink» section. I’ve ranged from environmental perspective (mine) to composting, to lifestyle. While my tea section or Herbal section is a real passion of mine. I can identify the wild herbs in the area, and where ever, whenever I go walking, my eye is on the look out for the usual bloomers. Más, the healing powers from these herbs is astonishing! Asi que, Como puedes ver, it’s about anything, and everything.

Become an environmentalist first!

I’ve said it many times, I am an environmentalist first. I believe we have one call of duty in this life. That is to be loyal and respectful to your mother, mother earth. She will guide us, and show the light if we figure out how to put her first in every decision we make. «Do I line dry the clothes today, or just chuck them in the dryer? Do I toss my green waste in the trash from cooking? Or do I boil them up for my dog to eat, or put it in my compost? Do I stay home for the ski-vacation, or do I go wherever I choose to go and fly there too! Do I buy local (if possible) and organic for my family? Or do I go the cheapest route possible, putting the safety of the public at risk

Chemicals kill. They are killing the insects, they are killing the life from the soil, they are killing the important colonies that live in the earth. How has this connection been missed?

You don’t need to be Leo Di Caprio, or Al Gore to fight for the earth. Nor do you need million’s of dollars to put into a fund for the earth. You just have to start right now. Make the change in your mind that you will fight for our earth. Nothing else matters. Without earth, there’s no us.

Sé el cambio

With all my walking I do on a weekly basis through the forest, my dog, Captain and I see so much lovly-ness in nature. She is beautiful, she is gentle, and she loves to make us smile. The flowers, the beauty, the life that depends on it in therelet’s not miss that.

Mi conclusión, is that our earth will renew herself, and she will carry on. She’s an eternal object. Our earth, nature, god, call it what you will. But it’s begging us to give it a chance, to show us, to teach us, to nuture us. Are we listening?

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About Rochelle

About Rochelle

Rochelle’s inspiration Food, an inspiration There’s no ‘about Rochelleif there’s no food inspiration. Because for me, food is my inspiration. Food is the center soul in most of our lives, at least in my life. We grow up with it, form memories with it, and tend to pass «Eso» on to the next generation.

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Rochelle’s Family Heritage

By definition found on the UNESCO website, heritage is: «A tradition passed on from generations which modifies in time»What better way than to incorporate heritage into your families lives. Rochelle’s Family Heritage is defined by Recipes = Food = Culture = Heritage. This website is hopefully not only an inspiration to you, the user, Pero …

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Quién somos Nuestra dirección del sitio web es: Lo que los datos personales que recogemos y por qué la recogemos Comentarios Cuando los visitantes dejen comentarios en el sitio recogemos los datos que se muestran en forma comentarios, y también agente de la cadena de direcciones IP y el navegador del usuario del visitante a la detección de spam ayuda. Una cadena anónima creada a partir de …

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