la Margarita

The Legend of Juarez

It’s Pancho Morales who we have to thank for the grand invention of the Margarita. Según la leyenda, Pancho era un camarero infame en Juárez, México. En la época de 1945, en el 4 de Julio vacaciones Pancho estaba haciendo lo que siempre hacía, making excellent mixed drinks at the local popular bar in Juarez, called Tommy’s Place.

A woman came in the bar and ordered aMagnolia”. He wasn’t exactly sure how to make the Magnolia, but he knew it had Contreau, lime and some form of alcohol. Rather than telling the woman that the ‘best bartender in Mexicohad no idea how to make the Magnolia, he went with his wits and mixed the juice of one lime, 4/5 tequila, 1/5 cointreau, put salt on the outside rim of three-ounce glass and served it to his customer. She was quite surprised and pleased with the drink, however she was quick in telling him though this was delicious, it’s not a Magnolia. He covered his tracks and said, “¡Ay, I thought you ordered a Margarita!”. Thus the birth of our world-famous Margarita.

Knowing this story and learning that the Margarita is fairly new, it gives me another reason to love one of my favorite mixed drinks. A traves de Los años, the recipe has been tampered with a bit. You can get a Margarita blended, shaken, or over the rocks. It can come in exotic fruit flavors, ranging from mango, to strawberry, but my favorite is the original, with a bit of agave added for sweetness, and poured over the rocks. I don’t much prefer the blended version, as it always gives me a brain freeze. One thing I do know, is as soon as the temperatures begin to rise, it’s the mark of Margarita season.


Make your margarita the old fashion way, or my way. I think the drink is entirely personal. You can add more of one thing, and less of the other. Adicionalmente, I like my glass rimmed with raw sugar rather than salt. One thing is for certain thougha bowl of guacamole and chips go great with the perfect margarita! Salud! and Gracias Pancho Morales!!! Your contribution to the world is most definitely a worthy one.

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la Margarita

This is a lovely rendition to the original recipe dating back to 1945. Personally, I like a bit of sweetness (via way of Agave), and a good balance of Contreau and Tequila. To make this even better, use the juice of a fresh lemon or lime.
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Cocina mexicano
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Tiempo de preparación 10 minutos
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Tiempo total 10 minutos
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  • 6 oz Tequila your favorite Top Shelf brand
  • 4 oz lemon or lime juice recién exprimido
  • 2 oz agave syrup or your own sweet syrup
  • 1 oz Contreau a bit more if desired

Elaboración paso a paso

  • Assemble your ingredients. You'll want to have a mixing pitcher, and I like to add ice cubes to ensure he drink is cold. you can serve with or with our the cubes.
  • once the tequila and contreau are in, now squeeze the lemon or lime and add the juice
  • next add your agave. if you desire a sweet version, then add more. Stir it up.
  • coat the rim of the glass with sugar or salt, su elección
  • your rimmed glass
  • verter y disfrutar
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    I make mine with fresh fruit, strawberries work great. I also switch between sugar & salt coating on the rim. Love your glasses though. Nice post

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