Timetable for Roasting a Turkey

pavo fresco del horno
Pavo fresco del horno

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Timetable for roasting a turkey is the most essential part of preparing and succeeding. Roasting, frying, brining a turkey are all excellent options, pero “how long do I cook itis the looming question. Tristemente, it’s always been some sort of mystery, but let’s break it down to a simple science. The information below will hopefully clear up any questions regarding the cooking of the turkey. It’s simple logic, once you understand the principles needed to succeed in this venture. Some things to consider for your meal.

Some Questions

  • How large is my turkey or how much does it weigh?
  • Once you know how heavy it is, now you figure out how long to roast your turkey?
  • One of the most important questions is, what temperature to roast your turkey?

Stop the confusion!

I’ve been through a number of trends with turkey prep. I think they are actual trends so the celebrity chef’s can get higher ratings, thus causing more confusion and stress. It doesn’t seem to make an ounce of difference if you baste every 15 minutes or not. Or if you do an over-night brine or not. What does make the difference is properly calculating the weight to time formula. The standard is 20 minutes a pound. I always use my meat thermometer to ensure my turkey is cooked through. Your thermometer should register between 160-180 grados. Poke around a few places to be sure you’re on target.

Just leave it!

The method I’v found that works best, hands down is putting the seasoned turkey in the oven and letting it roast through the calculated time. You can check 1/2 hour before with your thermometer to gauge your time, but this method has been the best for me. Just leave it and let it cook and roast itself to perfection. No need to open and baste, no need to interfere. It really is that easy. I’ve always been able to deliver a soft, moist, juicy inside with a nice golden crisp skin on the outside.

los 3 sisters!

The decision of seasoning is your last dilemma. Decide, with herbs or with out? I love working with herbs. Sage, romero, orégano, I have yet to fail with these herbs. Getting the turkey smeared with a nice herbal butter is a perfect solution and gives an excellent outcome.

Feel free to visit my various pages on the turkey roast. I think you’ll find each one to be a bit different, (turkey posts) Ahora, see below a few guidelines and a timetable to roast your turkey.


  • Hilván: No, no es necesario para hilvanar. Los hornos de convección se dorar el pavo muy rápidamente, bloqueo en los jugos.
  • Si el pavo tiene una “surgir” indicador de temperatura, se recomienda que también se comprueba la temperatura interna del pavo en la parte más profunda del muslo y del ala y la parte gruesa de la pechuga con un termómetro para alimentos. La temperatura interna mínima debe alcanzar 165 °F (74 ° C) por seguridad.
  • temperatura del horno ideal es 350 ° F o 175 ° C, véase la siguiente tabla para tiempo de tostado
  • para obtener una calidad, deje reposar el pavo de 20-30 minutos antes de cortarlo para permitir que los jugos para establecer. El pavo se tallar con facilidad.
    Retire todo el relleno de las cavidades del pavo

Timetable for Roasting a Turkey

 Tiempo de tueste (sin relleno)Tiempo de tueste (Relleno) std.Tiempo de tueste (Relleno) convección
8 a 12 libras2¾ 3 horas3 a 3 ¼ horas2 a 2 ¼ horas
12 a 14 libras3 a 3¾ horas3½ a 4 horas2½ a 2 ¾ horas
14 a 18 libras3¾ a 4 ¼ horas4 a 4¼ horas2¾ a 3¼ horas
18 a 20 libras4¼ a 4 horas y media4¼ de hora 4¾3¼ a 3¾ horas
20 a 24 libras4½ a 5 horas4¾ 5¼ horas3¾ a 4 ¼ horas
Cocinar un pavo

pavo fresco

pavo fresco
nuestra hermosa ave


  • Permitir 1 libra de pavo por persona
  • Comprar su pavo solamente 1 a 2 días antes de que va a cocinar
  • Manténgalo almacenado en el refrigerador hasta que esté listo para cocinar. Colocarlo en una bandeja o en una sartén a retener los jugos que puedan gotear
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