vegano tempura

tempura vegetariana
tempura vegetariana

Tempura is a dish said to have originated from Japan well over 500 años atrás. No obstante, vegan tempura is a dish very new to me.

No-egg base batter

The typical tempura batter is that none other than an egg base, along with flour and ice water. Being a new vegan, this was a recipe I was wondering if I had to go without. No obstante, I just proved myself wrong. As this lovely batter base is without egg, and you’d never miss it!

Tempura, or our newly discovered vegan tempura is a wonderful delightful dish. Though fried, it’s batter is so fluffy and light, you almost forget you are eating fried. Tempura was said to have started from the Portuguese traders who were in Asia. During the lent season or high holy days when meat and fish was verboten, the Catholic Portuguese introduced tempura to the land. You just know, that if a recipe has withstood the test of time, it’s worth the try. Even though my frying days have most definitely dwindled, when I do opt to fry, it’s going to be the tempura way.

A tip or two

You’ll find the base of this batter is pretty basic, consisting of flour, a bit of corn starch and baking powder. Using ice cold water to mix up the batter is so the batter remains nice and light, which is really the trade mark of this particular fry. If you remember the consistency of school glue, then you’ll do well with achieving the same for the batter. Y, another tip that I read about, when mixing the batter, it’s best to mix with a pair of chop sticks. Chopsticks tend to prevent the over-mixing effect, which will in turn, prevent the batter from being light and airy. When all is achieved, just fry away, and be sure to enjoy every scrumptious bite of your deliciously, golden fried vegetable tempura.

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vegano tempura

A deliciously light, wonderful way to enjoy your fried veg.
Plato Aperitivo, Plato principal, Guarnición, Bocadillo
Cocina chino, Vegano, Vegetariano
Palabra clave vegano, Verduras
Tiempo de preparación 30 minutos
Tiempo de cocción 10 minutos
Tiempo total 40 minutos
Raciones 5 gente


For the batter

  • 2 1/2 tazas harina
  • 2 TBS maicena
  • 1/4 cdta Levadura en polvo
  • 1 pellizcar sal
  • 1 1/2 tazas ice water more or less to achieve a thick batter

Elaboración paso a paso

  • mix together the dry, and slowly add the wet. Mix gently and I like to use a large whisk, sin embargo, many swear by using chopsticks to avoid over mixing. Mix until it's nice and thick and smooth.
  • slice your vegetable of choice. I like to slice rounds or for mushrooms, I keep whole, and peppers, I make long cuts.
  • coat each slice of vegetable by hand, then put into frying oil.
  • cook until lightly golden and serve with sauce of choice
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