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“Fly Responsibly” is an amazing campaign just kicked off by KLM Airlines. I learned about this new green marketing campaign from my 5 min. daily dose of online news. Impressive, respectable, and inspiring. While reading their blog, I wondered: How can they afford such a philosophy? I honestly don’t care enough to delve into the “how” of this campaign, I’m just going to relish in it, and tack it up for ‘team Earth’. We have a viable, influential voice in our corner, someone from the mainstream world, and not from the activist corner of us ‘crazy tree huggers’. What is our future here on earth? What is our demise? In 50 years, they predict population growth of 11.2 billion more people on this earth.

Start talking…

I talk to people every day, not many, but I do get out there and try and connect with community members, friends of my kids, my family member’s in America, and so on. It really does seem to everyone out there, “business as usual”. It’s mouth dropping to me in so many ways, but yet it’s still such a delicate subject to breech with most people you talk with. Somehow, you’re automatically thrown into the judges chair, with most people missing the fact that we’re all in this demise together. Though I may be more pro-active with my daily life than some, it’s less that others, and I’m well aware of the fact that we’re all going to perish the same way. Though I cannot seem to be surprised anymore by the famous acting, and entertainment community in general. If I read about one more entertainer, musician or athlete yachting around on a huge ginormous ship off the Almafi coast, I think I’m going to loose it! Stop flying! Stop jet-setting around the world as you please, fellow entertainers of the wold! We can live with out the movie-premiers, huge sports events, and world concert tours! Can you live with out your millions?

But this article is meant to inspire, and at the very least, to get you thinking, and hopefully swing you and me into action. I think we first need to identify the basic issue here regarding the state of the environment is that we’re a divided people, and that I find is our biggest fault, our greatest demise. Division does just that, it divides and it puts a wrench in progress. It brings us to a stand still. It kills the future. But if we are really divided, then ask ourselves how are we divided?

Category 1: The Believer’s

Basically, there are two categories in this world. Category 1: The Believer’s. Description: people ranging from all different backgrounds, most educated, most on the “left” socially, but middle on their climate views. Most people in this category consider themselves green. They recycle, they vote Democratic, they buy all or some items “organic”, have a smart phone, and most drive a form of a hybrid or electric vehicle, or a few even bike to work. In addition, most people in the believers category also fly whenever they want, wherever they want, have the best things when they want, are regular broad consumers, meaning they buy whatever they want, and from whomever they want, and most importantly, do not tolerate, appreciate or practice being inconvenienced or going with out.

Category 2: The Non-Believer’s

Category 2: The Non-Believers. Description: people ranging from all different backgrounds, can be educated to college level, or not. Are on the right side of politics, and not a social liberal whatsoever. They may or may not recycle, for sure vote conservative or mostly Republican, have a smart phone, have at least 2-3 vehicles ranging from an SUV to a cross-over or truck. In addition, most people in the non-believer’s category fly whenever they want, wherever they want, have an abundance of junk or clutter many of quality, some of not, are regular broad consumers, meaning they buy whatever they want and from whomever they want, and most importantly, they do not tolerate, appreciate or practice being inconvenienced or practice going with out.

Where do you stand?

Now, I ask you. What category are you in? If you really are in category 2, well, I can’t help you. I can’t relate to you. I can’t understand your ignorance. We no longer have time for ignorance, so I say, wake the hell up!

If however, you are in category 1, and you can relate to several or all of the description listed, you need to act as KLM is acting. Not just acting, but you need to do as KLM is doing. Be a leader in your home, community, work or school environment and go above and beyond to make a change. We must un-do the lifetime of white washing we’ve all been exposed to. Don’t just “believe in climate change”, fight against climate change and let’s start exercising our individual activism. If I hear one more person tell me that the U.S. needs to do something more than what they are presently doing, I think I may loose it. What does that mean? Is that translation for “I’m off the hook”, since my President is oblivious to climate change, well, then I will be too. Yes, the U.S. is the second worst polluting country in the world, squished between China in first place, and India in third place. But that doesn’t mean I’m in that same category. I refuse to be in that category.

Become a Global Citizen with your choices

What can we do as an individual? We continue to vote for the environment. Adopt the principle to always try to vote for the climate. Definitely continue to recycle, and think twice when you shop. Learning to avoid 1-use plastics for example. After reading there’s more plastic in the ocean’s than people on this earth, why the hell wouldn’t we act, immediately. Forget your daily coffee stop, drinking from a toss able cup, supporting horrible land practices in coffee cultivation, and making way too much money in profits. Look to convert your lifestyle to organic. It’s no longer a matter of affording it. Yes, there are exceptions: The the people on state or government assistance. I know affordability is a true issue here. Frankly, that makes me sad that eating healthy is a social luxury and all comes down to the ones who can afford it and those who can’t. There’s a long debate about organic food being made affordable to consumers, but that’s another topic entirely.

If you can buy organic, then do it. Hell, you may even want to consider cutting meat out of your life, or greatly reducing your animal product intake. That alone has a huge impact on the climate. Drop your smart phone, spend more time in nature, with your family, playing a local sport, riding the bike, fishing, hanging laundry, planting a vegetable and herbal garden. Drive less, fly less, play and indulge less. Are you getting the picture? Live life, fully…but really, live life respectfully. Don’t leave your dirty footprint behind on this earth. It’s only ours to borrow, not to destroy.

Help create the “New Us”

Our time is now to act. For those who stand with me in the first category, “the Believers”, please get your head around this urgent matter. We can’t wait any longer. It’s no longer a debatable subject. The science is in. Put your plan into action. Take the friendly suggestions from a major flight carrier, KLM: 1) Fly only when you have to. 2)Take the train if at all possible. 3) Do more conference calls in business and less face-to-face with business that involves travel. 4). Contribute with C02 off-sets. 5). Pack light as to not weigh the air plane down, thus causing it to burn more fuel in flight.

Be the Change!

There are many things to take from this new “human” KLM is wanting to create. I consider myself surely in the category 1. I am a definite believer, with room for constant improvement. This climate issue is one I’ve felt pouring from my heart since I was 8 years old. It’s burned in me for years. I was young and aware. But, I was a product of my environment and in retrospect, quite limited in my actions vs. my passions. I happened to marry a pretty green-thinking European guy who taught me a lot about life and trying to live green, automatically. Something that came so natural to his european-minded generation, was so foreign to mine. Sadly though, the green values are quickly being replaced with western values. I guess the whole world wants to live like America. But, we can’t afford to be negligent and ignorant. We all know the earth cannot sustain China to live as America. That is automatic failure if we reach this level.

One small step from man.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make the difference. For example, when we started our family, we had a diaper service from day 1, all 3 kids. My sister is the only other person I know who did this. I live for inconvenience. We share 1 car, and hope to eliminate that when the Prius dies, which may be a while. We buy organic, 98-100%, we just went vegan, and my clothes shopping will be the next area to tackle. I use natural cleaning products, lifestyle products, and recycle the hell out of my trash. We compost, hang the laundry, garden sustainably and never reach for a chemical. I want to breath fresh air, I want to enjoy a Sunday outside with out noise pollution, I want to promote nature in any way I can. Yes I fly, but every now and then and my reason is only to visit my parent’s and sister. Population increase, transportation activities, agriculture, and the burning of fossil fuels are the top contributors, all areas within our control.

Fly responsibly, live responsibly, be responsible.

KLM Fly responsible

Am I perfect? Hell no. But I”m asking you to consider fine tuning category 1, which in turn, makes us a lot more responsible for our future. Follow in KLM’s footsteps, and let’s begin asking ourselves questions before we make decisions regarding the future of our planet. Do you have kids? Then this shouldn’t even need explaining.

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