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There’s no ‘about Rochelleif there’s no food inspiration. Because for me, food is my inspiration. La nourriture est l'âme centrale dans la plupart de nos vies, at least in my life. Nous grandissons avec elle, former des souvenirs avec elle, et ont tendance à passer “il” on to the next generation. Yes, c'est une grande partie de notre existence.

Par la suite, it has become a personal goal of mine to become a food advocate. That is to say the important job of passing knowledge and culture of food to my children is being honored. The results are young children being exposed to the order of food which simply is, “Garden to table.


The struggles with kids eating balanced meals diminishes. The fight with kids eating their vegetables is almost extinct. Feeding kids a bland neutral processed food option no longer exists. Nothing but good, positive results comes from involving your kids in the kitchen. Invite and expect your kids to cook in the kitchen, to help and participate in the vegetable garden, or to participate in setting a table. Involving kids in every aspect of food prep is a golden gift. Simple as it may seem, this all translates to diversity. Like, same, uniform, identical, are all words we’ve grown up to identify with. Diversity is the opposite here, and a word we should all learn from. In this case, diversity stems from someone stepping out of the box of ‘normaland pushing for more, and greater options.

However all is well does not always end well. Traditions of food are under attack. Corporate food, fast food and cheap processed food have all been working for over a half century to change our ancestral roots with food. Par conséquent, there has been a huge divide between the source of food (où / comment nous cultivons combiné avec la saison) et il est l'utilisateur, “nous”. It’s not unusual today to find our children totally detached from food. Do kids really think vegetables originate from a grocery store shelf? Est-ce qu'ils pensent vraiment des gâteaux proviennent d'une boîte?  Ou que le chocolat est vraiment laiteuse brun doux ou même blanc!  Oui, Je crains qu'ils ne, et c'est parce que nous croyons que trop.

Find a local farm.

Lorsque nous vivions sur notre ferme biologique en Californie, notre agriculteur accueillerait “autocueillette de”. Such events hosted by the farmer to come out and pick fresh. Attendees were mostly city dwellers (san francisco, Silicon Valley, alto palo, etc..) affluer vers les champs de la ferme avec les enfants à la remorque. Ils arrivaient tôt avec tout leur équipement de soleil, et laisser bien dans la fin d'après midi. Le résultat: kids were calmer, les parents étaient plus calmes, and the kids received a huge lesson on where our food comes from. Many pickers would pick crate-fulls of tomatoes to go home and spend the rest of the weekend canning! It was great to see.

Find your inspiration

I think the important thing to remember is, that we all need inspiration. Trouver une personne, un endroit, a thing that draws huge inspiration to your lives. In my case, my inspiration drew from a lovely woman named Alice Waters. Our farmer passed the name by me once and from there I was hooked. If you don’t know Alice Waters, elle est énorme dans le monde alimentaire, and has a wonderful restaurant in Berkley. But most importantly she introduced vegetable gardening to inner-city schools by launching the Edible Schoolyard garden projects.

Many years ago, I happened to have the opportunity to reactivate a school garden program that had been left to the weeds. The infrastructure at our children’s school was luckily in place. All was needed was guidance and planning. If anything, the end result of this garden project was not about the volume of vegetables it would produce, but it was about forging a bond between us and nature. Our successes and failures were all huge learning curves for the entire school (parents and kids) to endure. Par conséquent, it was the most powerful tool we had in bringing the school together as one community.

The idea from Alice Waters to push such an elementary idea was genius, and it continues to thrive in cities and states across the U.S. Si ce site peut faire une chose pour vous, I hope it is to encourage you to be your own and best individual that you can.

meilleure nutrition

Nos enfants se tournent vers nous pour la meilleure nutrition, l'amour et de la sécurité. We’ve so comfortably handed over those roles to the corporations that are dying to run us. Get out and start your own garden, devenir une partie d'une coopérative de jardinage. Obtenez pour le compostage ou le démarrage d'une ferme à vis sans fin, or erecting an insect house. Do whatever it takes to make sure your kids hands get dirty from being in the garden. Préparer un repas en famille, et oh oui, combattre de toutes vos forces pour rétablir l'oubli “repas de famille”.

plats cuisinés frais

En conclusion, ce que Julia Child a commencé dans le milieu des années 1900, we can for sure continue. I’ve watched her old food shows from PBS, and it’s just amazing how apologetic she is when she’s cooking vegetables. I know she was transitioning from her French years, à essayer de faire appel aux ménages américains au milieu du siècle. It seems vegetables were a stigma. They were either cooked to the point of baby food, or they were heavily sauced so that the actual taste of the vegetable was hidden. I can say that we’ve come a long way in 70 years.

Julia a été le pionnier pour la maison, repas frais préparés pour de nombreux ménages américains. Maintenant, avec tant de célébrité du chef, we have our fare share and fare amounts of inspiration to be found. Just remember-our vegetables are simple, ils grandissent dans des contextes plutôt maigres. They require only a little bit of work from beginning to end. There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting down to a meal not only prepared by yourself or your family, mais par vous-même grandi.

Bon Appétit!

A propos de Rochelle
A propos de Rochelle
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