Flaedli soupe

Source: Rochelle 2018

soupe flaedli
light chicken broth with crepes cut in and fresh parsley

Flädli or Flaedli Soup

Flaedli soupe (Flad) est une soupe traditionnelle allemande, et bien évidemment, une idée super simple et mignon. Bien que ce soit une soupe allemande, les Suisses aiment aussi. Je ne pense pas que vous allez rencontrer un Suisse qui n'aime pas Fladli. Vous pouvez presque imaginer ses origines. I’m guessing somewhere in the higher lands of Germany. This warm soup was more than likely served up more during the cold months, as it warms you up nicely. This soup is special though because of the savory/savory aspect. It’s the perfect combination of a nice, clear, yet hearty broth (mine is from chicken, but beef or pork are good too), and a savory crepe cut in like noodles. Topped with fresh parsley, this soup is guaranteed to warm you up from the inside out. Si, it’s a perfect soup for the cold winter days.

You can of course buy the pre-made savory crepes and take a major short cut with this soup, but what fun would that be? Make this soup 100% your own. le crepe recipe is simple enough and can be done and stacked up ahead of time. The other main player in this recipe is your chicken stock. I did a good, hearty stock by cooking chicken parts such as legs, and wings, in water with some herbs and spices added. This of course, enhanced the flavor all the more. In short, this recipe is a great balance of yin and yang, not to mention a great solution on a cold, chilling day. To pull this soup together, simply slice up the crepes using a pizza cutter, into thin strips. As a garnish you use fresh parsley.

Flaedli soupe

It’s light, delicious and very easy to make.
Type de plat Soupe
Cuisine allemand


  • 4-6 pièces poulet for stock
  • 6 tasses eau for soup
  • 1 lot crêpes made and sliced
  • 1 bouquet persil diced for garnish


  • make the crepes for the soup. set aside.
  • sliced in strips
  • chicken stock soup, added crepes and garnished with parsley
    soupe flaedli
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