Focaccia bread
incroyable, lumière, airy focaccia bread

Focaccia est un peu étonnant de l'histoire. Ce pain a été autour des milliers d'années, allant de la Grèce encore l'atterrissage dans les premiers tours des Italiens. Il est un pain savoureux qui est léger, aéré ​​et offre un niveau de finition différent de celui d'une pizza. Beaucoup comparent focaccia à un pain plat, or as the precursor to pizza. I’m not sure I agree with either. While flat bread is an airy puffy piece of dough, flat bread is rather plain, and is lacking the fatty ingredient that focaccia thrives on. I can somewhat see the relationship to pizza, but focaccia is anything but pizza.

Olive oil is a huge part of this final bread. Not only is the dough made with a few tablespoons of it, but it’s also added to the bottom of the cooking dish, like a few more tablespoons.

The result with lots of olive oil is the most buttery, soft dough I have ever worked with. It almost feels like a light compilation of a butter dough, something comparable to a Challah bread dough, or our tresser pâte.

Patience and time is the key ingredient in working with the Focaccia. The final touches are up to your creativity level. I guess first you can determine how your focaccia will be used. Will it be a savory to accompany a big green salad? Or is it a side to a nice tomato soup. It could even be your bread for a wonderful focaccia sandwich, sliced in half and loaded with whatever you desire in your sandwich.

ma conclusion…focaccia is damn amazing. Get familiar with this little Italian ‘Street Food” pain, you’ll find you always like to have some on hand.

a slice of light airy heaven.


This amazingly light, airy and full-bodied bread is a wonderful dish to get familiar with. Top it with bacon, jambon, ail, or in our case olives and rosemary. Délicieux!
Type de plat Plat d'accompagnement
Cuisine italien
Mot-clé Pains
Temps de préparation 2 heures
Temps de cuisson 31 procès-verbal
Temps total 2 heures 31 procès-verbal
Portions 12 pièces


  • 470 grammes farine 2 1/3 tasses
  • 20 grammes levure
  • 1 SCT sucre for yeast
  • 2-4 pincements sel flakey sea salt, or a coarse sea salt
  • 115 ml huile d'olive sur 6-7 SCT
  • 230 ml eau chaud, sur 3/4 à 1 tasse
  • 115 ml lait 1/16th of a cup


  • combine the flour, pinch of salt,half the olive oil together in the mixer. combine the yeast, sugar warm water and milk in another container, pour in while mixer is kneading. The dough will be a wet dough, add a bit more flour until dough doesn't stick on the sides or bottom, but is still oily. Remember, expect a wet dough, maybe comprable to a cake dough, so don't add too much flour, just enough to keep it clean on the sides. Cover with a warm towel and let rise for 1 heure. Il's now ready to spread out, and have another short rise before the bake.
  • add the rest of the olive oil in the bottom of your cooking pan-this provides a nice moisture to the bread, as well as a crispy bottom.
  • scrape the dough out with a spatula. Use your fingers to press firmly around until the dough seems evenly spread and is nice and holey. Maintenant, decide what you're going to top your dough with. I wanted rosemary, Olives, and some flaky sea salt.
  • add your toppers, and let it rise for a second, shorter rise. Cover with a board and set aside for 20-30 min.Preheat oven to 180-200 C. Be sure your focaccia has plenty of finger holes in the top surface. After the second rise, add the olives, and now begin the bake
  • cuire environ 25 min., ou jusqu'à coloration dorée. Bake on oven setting top and bottom.
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    Focaccia bread
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