Beurre italien balle Cookies

Source: Noni Clara cir. 1970'S

Beurre italien balle Cookies

These Italian butter ball cookies have been in my family since forever. To prove this fact, when I bake a batch of these delicious delights, and my kids try them, the first thing they say is, “These remind me of Noni”. This is the power of food, and the memories it triggers.

Back to the cookieThe butterballs are a fond memory of mine during the Christmas holiday’s, but they shouldn’t be limited to only Christmas. The simple fact, is there’s nothing Christmasy about these balls. Bien sûr, their topped with powder sugar, but that’s the only thing.

My Noni would make these upon demand. They were said to be a family recipe, but I’ve found this recipe all over the internet. One thing that is distinctive about my recipe, is that it’s a very light, rich cookie. You can tell when it bakes, it doesn’t split. De plus, this cookie also has chopped walnuts. I wouldn’t substitute another nut in this recipe, as the walnuts are perfect for it. This is a powerhouse recipe loaded with flavor, and delicacy. Something I hope you will keep in your family for years to come.

Boules de beurre italien

A delicious family recipe that everyone will love.
Type de plat Dessert
Cuisine italien
Temps de préparation 10 procès-verbal
Temps de cuisson 15 procès-verbal
Temps total 25 procès-verbal
Portions 40 balls


  • 1 tasse beurre doux à la température ambiante
  • 1/3 tasse sucre
  • 2 c eau
  • 1 pack sucre vanillé
  • 2 tasses farine
  • 1 tasse noix haché


  • combine all ingredients and form cookies into small balls. Let them sit in a chilled room, or outside for 3 heures
  • bake @ 325 F. pour 15-20 ma.
    when cool, roll in powder sugar.
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