Herbe – Common MugwortArtemisia vulgaris

Common Mugwort is aromatic bitter which increases digestion, stimulant légèrement vers le système nerveux, reduces tension and increases circulation. You can use it to induce menstrual flow. Used as a culinary herb and medicinally throughout the world. Use only the leaves and buds from the plant. Best time to pick is shortly before it flowers in July to September.
Sometimes confused with armoise.


Exhaustion, restless, poor appetite, constipation, straining to urinate, painful menstrual cramps, weak, sensitive women, Uterus issues, profuse menstrual bleeding, PMS.
Cold hands/feet, week pulse, hypertension, profuse and offensive sweating, injuries to nerves, marijuana use and abuse, opium use and abuse.


After harvesting the herb, let it dry. Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1-2 tsp of your herbs. Infuse in a closed vessel for 10-15 ma. Use up to 3x’s per day.
The leaves have mild hallucinogenic properties and can be smoked for a dreamy, relaxed effect. En d'autres termes, it relaxes you when you sleep, you have colorful and/or weird dreams.
Therefore pregnant women must not use Mugwort or be in any contact with it.

When using the roots make sure of the following. Roots should be cleansed in cold water and then freed from rootlets. Drying may be done at first in the open air, spread thinly, as contact may turn the roots moldy. Then dry in a warm room for about ten days, and turn frequently. When somewhat shrunken, they must be finished more quickly by artificial heat in a drying room, near a stove or gas fire. Drying in an even temperature will probably take about 2 weeks or so. It is not complete until the roots are dry to the core and brittle, snapping when bent

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