Porc rôti

perfect cooked roast
rôti cuit après 1 heure. 45 ma. C'était parfait!

J'étais chance à trouver un beau rôti de porc. Je ne peux pas vous dire combien de temps sa été depuis que je l'ai fait un. Ce fut une nouvelle, local, heureux cochon qui serait heureux d'être sur mon menu.

The Roast

How to make the perfect pork roast is almost entirely up to you. Bien sûr, first you need a great cut. Always buy direct from the farmer if you can. Aujourd'hui, those options are certainly possible, as it’s been made clear by so many local food movements, that you can avoid the ‘super market’ viande, which have been sitting around for days under plastic and fluorescent lights. When we buy meat this way, we have not idea its origins, nor its lifestyle. It’s a very impersonal way to shop for meat. We have so many local farmers trying to make a living at raising happy, healthy meat, that we’re just plain ignorant if we continue buying “bien” cuts of meat at the markets.

Si, as I was sayingseasoning your locally raised meat is the next most important step to your success. We wanted a nice Italian flair to the roast, so the options were: Bay leaves, beurre, ail, sel, pepper and olive oil. My daughter took the time in prepping the roast, even tied it all up before she began. Tying holds everything together, including the juices when it cooks. Just remember to cut the string out when it’s done and you’re ready to cut. If you’re planning a nice au jus for the meal, add enough bouillon stock and wine to the base of the pan. A lot of it cooks off, but at the end, you get the drippings combined with the liquid, which makes an excellent base for your sauce.

Cooking, cutting and serving

The local farmer where we bought the roast suggested baking in the oven @ 180 degrés, Celsius environ 1.5 à 2 heures. I took the roast out mid way and measured the temperature, and decided it wasn’t quite ready after 1.5 heures. I turned the heat to convection, and up to 200 degrés, then roasted for an additional 15 ma. It was shear perfection!

Porc rôti

Make a delicious, savory roast of pork. It’s so simple and delicious!
Type de plat Plat principal
Cuisine italien
Temps de préparation 20 procès-verbal
Temps de cuisson 1 heure 45 procès-verbal
Temps total 2 heures 5 procès-verbal


  • 5 lbs pork roast figure 1/2lb. Recherche par mots clés
  • 2 – 4 SCT beurre to slather over roast
  • 4 clous de girofle ail écrasé
  • 1 – 2 bundles herbes origan, sauge, romarin
  • 4 – 6 leaves bay


  • get the roast ready and lay on the board
  • tie up and season your roast. Bake @ 180 degré Celsius.
    rôti prepped
  • cook until it registers between 165-175 Fahrenheit on a meat thermometer
  • when it’s roasted, slice and spread out, servir et profiter!
    roasted, and cut
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